“The folks at GM Classics are honest, knowledgeable Nova people that will go the extra mile for their customers and they ship orders fast!” – Jack Duer

Nova Story

I purchased my 1966 L-79 Nova SS in May of 2012 after owning and restoring a few other 67 SS’s. The Purchase was a very good but a very sad situation, I purchased it from a very good friend of mines wife after he had passed away. Some of you may have known him and his outstanding black 1966 L-79 , Clyde Martin. I never forget the day Clyde called me and told me he had purchased the car. I knew of the car for many years and had judged it many times at the Nova Nationals. I knew the car was a real L-79 with the original drive train and about 85% of its original sheet metal, it had been previously restored in the early 90’s by the standards we knew then but had quite a few incorrect parts on it but a ton of hard to find original and NOS parts. I was looking for a car I could drive a little and enjoy in a different way than the Novas I built in the past. I proceeded to straighten out all of the mechanical and safety  issues the first year , drove it a bit and  had some fun. The next year I tore it down to the shell and went through everything but didn’t touch the 16 year old paint and gave it a 1500 hour spruce up which included many correct NOS and original  parts.  I knew if I left the 16 year old paint job which is starting to show its age I would still drive it.

I can appreciate all the effort and hard work that go into to all the different type of cars out there, but my personal preference are restored cars that are done down to the part numbers , date codes, correct hardware and plating and of course correct original and NOS GM parts. This project was a little different for me since I did it more as a driver instead of a 1000 point show car.

Nova Info

  • Name: Jack Duer
  • City/State:  Girard, Ohio
  • Year: 1966
  • Model:  Nova SS
  • Paint Color:  Tropic Turquoise
  • Wheel Size:  14×5
  • Tire Size: 14×6.95”
  • Engine: 327/350HP L-79
  • Transmission: Muncie wide ratio
  • Rear End: 12 Bolt w/ 3:31 Eaton Posi-Traction
  • Front Suspension: Original Stock Design
  • Rear Suspension: Original Stock Design
  • Brakes: 4 Wheel Drum
  • Exhaust/Headers:    Original Dual Exhaust w/ Resonators
  • Years Owned: 8
  • Final Assembly Plant: Norwood Ohio
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:  $2900.00 Approximate
  • Dealer:    Benson Chevrolet  Roswell, Georgia

Nova Photos

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