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GM Classics was founded by Joe Junior as he turned his passion for Novas into a career.

A few years ago we transitioned our brand from Chevy 2 Only to GM Classics. We still offer the same quality service specializing in the Chevy Nova but now extend that service to the other rides in your garage as well.

Our inventory is one of the largest in the US. Along with many years of experience with the Chevy Nova, we have many N.O.S, GM, and used parts as well as reproduction parts in stock. If you need a used suspension part, a complete rear end assembly, new interior kit, small interior part, or anything else, we can find it in our inventory!

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Featured Project: 7245

GM Classics Chevy Nova Project 7245

The game plan was to build a pro-touring, turn your head, Power Tour Nova comfortable enough to drive the long haul!

The name Project 7245 (72 for 5) came from 72 Nova for Joe 5, my son is the 5th I am the 4th in a long line of Joes.

Our 1972 Nova is powered by a 531 horsepower Mast Motorsports LS3 “corvette” engine with 477 ft-lbs of torque.

GM Claassics Project 7247 Chevy Nova Engine Ls3