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In this section you will find a rare listing of original Nova factory options, Nova tech articles written by Joe Grom Jr. for Super Chevy Magazine, and more. We’re currently working on a photo gallery full of Novas, nostalgic literature scans, and our new Nova Spotter’s Guide.

Nova Tech Talk

Chevy Nova Weatherstrips

Tech Article The two biggest enemies to our car hobby (besides thieves and the meddling bureaucrats) are Mother Nature and Father Time. In a sense those two factors are joined at the hip working against us: Mother Nature, since she dishes out all the harsh elements—from cold and wet to hot and dry—and Papa Time, [...]

Nova 5 Lug Upgrades

When it comes to tech upgrades on early (’62-63) Chevy IIs, one procedure is a must for serious performance enthusiasts: upgrading the factory four lugs to five lugs. Not only does this increase your options when it comes to tire and wheel choices, but it allows the use of bigger brakes for better stopping power. [...]

Canadian Nova’s Documentation Process Easier Than Expected

One thing that north-of-the-border Bow-Tie fans have going is the ability to document their Novas. What I mean by this is that any Nova built in Canada or imported into Canada from the U.S. can be documented with one phone call! Most Chevy lovers have never heard of this process. It is a system we [...]

Nova Archives

Original Chevy Nova Options

Over the years we collected a rare listing of original Chevrolet Nova factory options and how many cars were produced for each option. Currently we are missing 1972 and 1972; contact us if you have a lead to help complete our list! 19621963196419651966196719681969197019711973197419751976197719781962 Option Units Body Glass - Tinted Windshield - Tinted Power Window - [...]

Novas in Hollywood

Hollywood Nova Sightings Over the years we have collected an impressive list of Chevy II / Nova sightings in movies and television. If you have any sightings that are not already on our list, contact us and we'll add them to our archive! Nova Type Name Year Nova Description 70-72 TV "1-800 We Prevent" Commercial [...]