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In this section you will find a rare listing of original Nova factory options, Nova tech articles written by Joe Grom Jr. for Super Chevy Magazine, and more. We’re currently working on a photo gallery full of Novas, nostalgic literature scans, and our new Nova Spotter’s Guide.

Nova Tech Talk

Upgrading to a Mini Starter and new MSD Ignition

After traveling in the Chevy 2 Only project car during the Hot Rod Magazine's Power Tour several summers ago, I was spoiled with modern upgrades. Not being too much into the "race stuff," I soon realized that race-only parts aren’t just for race cars anymore! There is a broad range of "in-between stuff," I call [...]

From The Desk of Junior: Creating Custom Nova Parts

It’s hard to believe that this is my 38th year involved with Nova’s! It all started in 1981 when I was looking for parts for my ’65 Nova SS. I began buying parts that I didn’t need in hopes of trading for parts that I did need. And it worked! To date, we have parted […]

Installing LED Taillights and In-Dash Tachometers

As most Nova owners are aware, there are new restoration, reproduction, and performance improving parts that are coming out for our favorite ride almost daily. This week, I have selected a couple of things that I believe are way cool for our machines- LED taillights and in-dash tachometers (dash tachs). ’66-’67 Nova LED Taillights After […]

Nova Archives

Original Chevy Nova Options

Over the years we collected a rare listing of original Chevrolet Nova factory options and how many cars were produced for each option. Currently we are missing 1972 and 1972; contact us if you have a lead to help complete our list! 19621963196419651966196719681969197019711973197419751976197719781962 Option Units Body Glass - Tinted Windshield - Tinted Power Window - [...]

Novas in Hollywood

Hollywood Nova Sightings Over the years we have collected an impressive list of Chevy II / Nova sightings in movies and television. If you have any sightings that are not already on our list, contact us and we'll add them to our archive! Nova Type Name Year Nova Description 70-72 TV "1-800 We Prevent" Commercial [...]