Are you having issues with cooling your original Chevy II V8 or newly converted Nova? Our radiator kits can help you out!

Our most popular radiators have the provisions to bolt the plastic fan shroud, which is a must for a street driven Nova.

Using the 2″ spacer that GM originally installed to move the radiator closer to the engine, this will result in your engine running hot or even over heating. Adding the original 2″ spacer should only be done for show.

To keep your Chevy II/Nova happy and cool, the simple solution is to bolt the radiator directly to the core support and add the fan shroud.

The instructions below are included with every radiator we sell.

Our Radiator Kits

Click on the kits below to see a full description and what the kits include. The following article will help you install your new radiator!

Installation Notice

The warranty on all of our radiators is void if you do not completely and properly flush your cooling system prior to installing new radiator.
If you do not understand how a properly functioning cooling system operates, or how to flush the system, please consult a professional mechanic before installing these products. Flushing the system includes engine block, heater core, water pump etc.

Prepare the radiator

Before trying to mount the new radiator the welded mounting nuts on the radiator frame may need to be chased using a 5/16 X 18 tap to clear out any paint or dirt in the threads.

  • Test fit the 5/16 bolts (supplied in hardware kit 83273) in threads, make sure the bolt installs smoothly.
  • The Aluminum radiator hardware kit (83385) uses M8-1.25 X 16 tap size.

Mount the radiator

Next you’ll need to mount the radiator to the core support.

Before drilling any holes in the core support sit the radiator in place.

1/8” clearance on the bottom is needed to make sure the bottom tank of the radiator does not vibrate/touch on the steel below.

You may have to drill all 4 holes in the core support to mount this radiator. We have found that some of the holes may be there and some may not depending on what size radiator the core support was originally stamped for.

Before final mounting of the radiator, place the fan shroud over fan blade and water pump then bolt radiator to core support then bolt shroud to radiator. Our V8 radiators do not use the OEM spacer between the radiator and the core support.

Mount a Direct drive fan

A heavy-duty fan blade with a good pitch is needed, we do not recommend using a clutch fan or the flexible drag race style blades for street driven cars.

We recommend direct drive fan blade be positioned a minimum of 80% into the shroud.

Using a shroud and the correct fan blade ensures the air will be drawn through the radiator core.

Mount an electric fan

You need to use a single electric fan for Novas up to 350hp and the dual fans for Novas over 350hp or Novas with Air Conditioning.

  • Pt# 07040-2 Single Fan Bracket Bare Steel (paintable)
  • Pt# 07040-1 Single Fan Bracket Brushed Stainless
  • Pt# 07040-3 Single Electric Fan
  • Pt# 07039-2 Dual Fan Bracket Bare Steel (paintable)
  • Pt# 07039-1 Dual Fan Bracket Brushed Stainless
  • Pt# 07039-3 Dual Electric Fan (2 Required)

Engine Coolant

Make sure you install fresh antifreeze and the correct amount of water.

Install a Thermostat

Make sure you use a high-quality thermostat. Inexpensive thermostats vary in temperature range 10-15 degrees.

For maximum cooling we recommend 160 degree thermostat.

Install a Waterpump

Use a good quality Hi Flow water pump!

Install a Radiator Cap

Use a high quality radiator cap rated at 15 lbs.

Add a Fan Shroud

Our plastic fan shroud is highly recommended for use on all our radiators.

When attaching the shroud to the aluminum radiator you will need to trim the plastic shroud around the top radiator inlet. You may also need to enlarge the holes in the plastic fan shroud so that the mounting bolts will install with ease.

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