Back in 1973 I saw this 1964 400 series Nova setting under a car port…

Naturally, I thought this would be a good replacement for my `64 SS that was stolen when I returned from service. So, I walked up and knocked on the door. A lady answered and I asked the question you’ve probably asked a lot too: is your Chevy 2 for sale? She said that she never really thought about selling it but she couldn’t drive a straight shift any more since she broke her hip a year ago… I made a offer and $1,200 dollars later I drove away with a 11 year old `64.

Out with the six cylinder and three speed…

I found a crate short block 1970 350 LT1 from a dealer in Dallas,GA, a muncie 4 speed and bell housing, flywheel from a salvage yard. I installed all the goodies and went drag racing at the local tracks for many years. But as we all know in the 80’s all the local tracks started closing, so my Nova went into the shop to sit for a few years,(okay a lot of years!)

Now it’s 20-what? It was time to get this car back on the road… I purchased a stolen and striped `94 corvette and Nova goes up on the jack stands. I removed the motor, trans, front clip, rear end, interior. Out comes the sawzall, wait a minute do l really want to remove a perfectly good floor pan from back of the front seats to the trunk? Yea go for it. So in went the new 2×3 back half frame and cross member with weld in frame connectors, C4 IRS,front Hidets style clip with C4 spindles. In went the new floor pan mini tub’s, body and paint,interior.This was a arduous process that took several years when the funds were available and working part time.

Any one that has driven a first-gen stock nova knows they do not corner well! But now this 1964 version 2.0 is a corner carver! I love to go winding twisting roads,the Dragon is calling. The time and hard work was worth it.

Nova Info

  • Gen 1 1970 350 LT1 10.5:1 compression GM pink rods, steel crank Reed cam ch298-310-8ah int 470 ex 472 lift , AFR aluminum 190 heads, Edelbrock air gap intake topped with 750 Holley .
  • Transmission GM 5-speed.
  • Front suspension, Hedits style with Corvette C4 spindles and breaks.
  • Rear suspension, IRS C4 Corvette and breaks.

Nova Photos

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