I bought the car 11 years ago when saw it at a car show in Athens, Georgia. The car was a typical “10 footer…” It was nice at distance, but upon closer inspection not so much.

I told my wife “lets buy it and drive it as is.” But this lasted approximately 3 months before I decided to have it painted. I assured her I wouldn’t change anything else. Well, you know how this story goes… then I decided the engine needed to be rebuilt because it wasn’t fast enough. And the next year I installed the TKO 5 speed trans because with the 373 gears, I needed an overdrive.

At that point I was all in and decided that the engine wasn’t powerful enough, which means the car was not fast enough. So I installed the vortech supercharger with a blow through carburetor. Made good power, but the motor didn’t like boost and it blew a hole in the block! So then I had the forged 383 ci engine built to handle the boost. The drivability on the car with the blow through carb setup was terrible, hence the installation of the EFI System…

The moral of the story is: don’t tell your wife that you’re buying a muscle car and “won’t do anything to it.” 

Nova Info

  • 383 ci
  • forged rotating assembly
  • Holley EFI Terminator System
  • Vortech Supercharger
  • TKO 600 5 Speed manual trans,
  • 500 RWHP
  • 500 RW torque on 6 lbs of boost
  • Heights front clip w/disc brakes, 373 gears w/posi

GM Classics Parts

  • rear trunk trim piece,
  • front grill, grill emblems
  • fender emblems (327)
  • window trim
  • side mirror
  • door hinges
  • and more…


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