1966 Super Sport aka "Beauty"

“Beauty” Story – In the later part of 1987 Randy and Caroline began looking for a Nova for Caroline to show and drive.  We are members of the Nova Club so we put out the word to the members to be on the lookout for Novas for sale. One of the Nova Club members worked at a toy train store and one day a customer drove up in a 1966 Nova Super Sport.  When asked if the car might be for sale, the customer said “yes”. The customer’s sister bought it new from Burt Chevrolet in Englewood, Colorado. The rest is history – we purchased the Tropic Turquoise, 283, Powerglide, power steering 1966 Super Sport on October 2, 1987.

Since that time Caroline has shown the Nova (we call it “Beauty”) several times – taking one “Best of Show”.  Many miles have been put on Beauty. Beauty was the cover car on the November 1989 issue of the NNN Magazine.

Beauty resides in the warm garage next to Blue 2 and is driven on nice days only.

  • Your City / State: Colorado
  • Year: 1966
  • Model: Super Sport
  • Paint Color: Tropic Turquoise
  • Years Owned: 32 years – purchased from original owner
  • Final Assembly Plant: Norwood
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $3,064.15
  • Dealer: Burt Chevrolet, Englewood, Colorado
  • Paint Color: Tropic Turquoise
  • Wheel Size: 14”
  • Tire Size: 195 R 14
  • Engine: 283 c.i. 195 HP Standard V8
  • Transmission: Powerglide
  • Rear End: (ratio): 3:08 10 Bolt Positraction RPO G80
  • Suspension: Stock
  • Brakes: Stock Drum
  • Exhaust / Headers: Stock Single Exhaust

1966 Sport Coupe aka "Blue 2"

1966 Sport Coupe Chevy II Nova

“Blue 2” Story – Randy special ordered this Chevy II Sport Coupe in January 1966 from Findlay Chevrolet in Kansas.  He drove it back and forth to college and work for 1 ½ years. During that time he met Caroline. Randy and Caroline spent much time with the Nova which by that time became known as “Blue 2.” 

When Randy entered the Navy in 1967 Blue 2 went to live at Randy’s Dad’s home in Kansas.   Randy’s Dad did periodic maintenance on the car and drove it at least once a week.

When Randy returned from Vietnam in 1969 he was reunited with Blue 2 and Caroline.  They drove back to California to finish his Navy duty in Blue 2 – with a car top carrier.

While they were in California Blue 2 was driven every day to the Naval Base or to Caroline’s work since it was the only vehicle they had.  Randy was discharged in 1971 and they drove Blue 2 to Colorado to settle down and begin civilian life. Blue 2 was driven every day to work.

The car was driven occasionally up until early 1987 when Randy and Caroline became involved in the local Nova Club and decided to take the car to St. Louis, MO for a National Nostalgic Nova convention (where we met Junior at GM Classics!).  Randy and Caroline learned A LOT at St. Louis and realized that if they wanted to show Blue 2 it needed a lot of clean up and a face lift.

We began the restoration of Blue 2 in 1988.  The restoration was finished in time for the 1990 NNN Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  We would not have been able to go to the Atlanta Convention without an enormous amount of help, assistance, blood, sweat and tears from their friends.  Blue 2 was awarded Editor’s Choice and Best of Show. In addition, Blue 2 received the “Mark of Excellence” award from the employees at the GM Doraville Assembly Plant in Atlanta, Georgia.  At the NNN Nationals in 1991 Blue 2 was moved into the Gold Class for judging purposes and Randy was inducted into the NNN Hall of Fame.

A series of 12 articles were written for the NNN Magazine covering all the aspects of the Blue 2 restoration since Randy was an original owner.  The articles were titled “A Sample of One” and ran from July 1990 through June 1991. The purpose of the articles was to document in words and pictures the markings on Blue 2 from the factory and the process of the restoration – with no internet or digital capabilities!  Blue 2 was the cover car on the July 1991 issue of the NNN Magazine.

Since that time Blue 2 has been living a retired – but driven on nice days – life in a heated garage.

  • City / State: Colorado
  • Year: 1966
  • Model: Sport Coupe
  • Years Owned: 53 Years – Purchased New February 1966
  • Final Assembly Plant: Norwood
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $2,930.20
  • Dealer: George Findlay, Augusta, Kansas
  • Paint Color: Mist Blue
  • Wheel Size: 14”
  • Tire Size: 6.95 X 14
  • Engine: 327 c.i. 350 HP  RPO L79
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Muncie RPO M21
  • Rear End: (ratio): 3:31 12 Bolt Positraction RPO G80
  • Suspension: Stock
  • Brakes: Stock Drum
  • Exhaust / Headers: Stock Dual Exhaust with Resonators

Our Parts

All GM Classics parts fit correctly and were a major factor in winning the awards. – Randy & Caroline

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