On the way home from looking at another Nova in 1990, we found this ember red `63 convertible under a carport… After meeting with Jerry Karcher, the original owner, he told us he was ready to part with it to a good home.

Jerry went on to tell us the story of the Nova. When he worked as a barber, he frequently cut the hair of a salesman that worked at the now famous VV Cooke Chevrolet dealer in Louisville, Ky.  The salesman told Jerry he would order the car as a demo, put some miles on it then sell it to him at a reduced cost.  Jerry purchased the car for his wife on her birthday and the rest is history.

One of Jerry’s stories involved his son and a neighborhood friend. The son and friend were changing the oil in the drive way one day and spilled oil everywhere! When Jerry came home form work, he was upset and yanked the water hose thinking he was going to spray off the driveway, but he pulled so hard that he broke the spicket right off the side of the house and sent water spewing all over the side of the Nova!

Jerry was about 70 when we purchased the car from him.  When we purchased the car in 1990, it had 83,000 miles on it and records show in 1977 it had 70,695 miles. Great condition, but with needed restoration. So, we soon went into full restoration mode and it has been enjoyed ever since!  The only real modifications are the added factory power brakes & steering.

As it sat in storage, my late mother put her name on it and said: “that one is beautiful, and it is mine!”  So from the point on it became known as “Granna’s ride!” This car is special for us here at GM Classics and reminds us of my mom. It also has the benefit of taking great photos with Santa in the snow. 🙂

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  • Harmon Duncan
    Harmon Duncan December 28, 2018 at 9:08 am

    Great story.

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