I bought the car for 200.00 in July of 1987 when I was only 15.  The owner bought it as a project car, but decided to sell it instead.

My Dad and I bought a used engine and put a mild cam on it, installed a TH400 (that was not easy back in 1988).  Removed the power steering rack and found a manual drag link. We rebuilt the front and rear suspension, repaired the floors and worked on the body so it was presentable (bondo).  I manually removed the top layer of paint and spray painted the car in grey primer. We had the original seats recovered in black vinyl and installed new carpet. I was driving it by early 1989 on a high school budget! I won plenty of street races at that time and was loving the car.

I enlisted in the Navy and while serving, saved money and bought parts for the full restoration. GM Fenders and full quarter panels (in the boxes) were stashed and the slow-going project began. While home on leave, I would make appointments with Mondello’s Auto body to have the body work completed in stages while I was away.  When I got out of the Navy, the body work and paint were finished in 1995. The roll bar was installed in 1996 by Marty Denko race cars after I made a sub 11 second pass and the track operator told me I couldn’t race the rest of the day.

In 1997 I installed a S&W ladder bar kit with coil springs and shocks.

I have been driving and currently racing in 11.50 Index series for the last 6 years.

The car has run a best of 11.15@122mph with more potential since that pass.

(I have to explain the grill emblems… A good friend of mine Dave Moran gave me this reproduction SS grill.  I like the Chevy II emblem better than the Nova but didn’t want the hole left open. So I cut off the Nova from the SS and left the Chevy II.  It is new so I am not sure what I think of it up to this point.)

Nova Info

Engine & Transmission

  • Block 1972 350 4 bolt main bored 30 over
  • Crank: Cast crank cut 10/10 with chamfered oil holes
  • Rods:  Race prepped pink rods
  • Pistons:  TRW forged flat top with moly rings
  • Heads:  Dart 2 Sportsman cast iron, Fully ported and polished by Andrew Starr, with 2.05 Intake and 1.625 Exhaust.
  • Rockers:  Harland Sharp rollers and custom length pushrods
  • Intake:  Port matched Vic Jr.
  • Carb:  Pro Systems modified 780 Holley
  • Headers:  Hooker Super Comp 1.75” fenderwell headers
  • Ignition:  MSD6AL, MDS dist and Crank Trigger, Taylor 409 race wire

Cooling system:

  • Griffen 2 row aluminum radiator
  • Factory fan shroud
  • 18” Electric fan
  • Stewart HV aluminum water pump


  • 8” 4500 A-1 stall converter
  • TH400 race prepped by myself with a full manual valve body

Drive train:

  • Dennys performance drive shaft
  • Ford 9” rear with 4.86 gears and a spool


  • Stock front end and brakes with Kevlar front brake shoes.  Idler arm replacement kit.
  • Ladder bar rear suspension and stock drum brakes


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