The sun is shining, summer is here, and it’s time to roll your Nova out of its winter hibernation if you haven’t already! You changed the oil, checked all the fluids, and texted your car club hooligans that you’ll meet them at Cracker Barrel before caravanning up to the first cruise of the season.

Got your cool GM Classics T-shirt on? Check. Cool shades on? Check. Iced beverage of choice? Check. You hop in, crank it over and instead of that deep throated pipe-music resonating across the neighborhood you get that sickening click, click..nothing.

How can this be happening?! Now, of all times!!

Truth is, there is never a good time for a dead battery. And you could have avoided this by maintaining one of the most important and least serviced components under the hood. There are several products that can avoid the lack of juice when you need it. A simple and cost-effective battery disconnect on the top post of your battery can avoid a power drain when your vehicle sits for extended periods of time. And hey, it’s not a bad quicky theft deterrent too!

Another great device is the trickle charger. They keep your battery charged during periods of non-use. They are small and draw very little current. The Harley guys have been using them for years.

Some Electrifying Battery Tips

Try and keep track of when you replace your battery because they don’t last forever! Wouldn’t it be great to switch it out before you needed to? Also, like anything else, get the best battery your budget will allow. Battery technology has changed over the years and it pays to stay on top of the advances.

However, I found an article online that surprised me. Even maintenance free batteries can outgas if exposed to extreme heat. Not likely but if your battery allows it, you might want to check out the fluid level if you drive in extreme (hello, Arizona) climates.

Make sure you run a battery gauge to let you know what’s happening in your charging system.

Keep the cables clean and lightly coated with a product specifically designed to combat corrosion. While we are talking cables, make sure they aren’t worn and are the proper size for the correct amperage going through them. Attach those cables with quality hardware too. Make sure the battery is tightly strapped down with the correct hardware. A bungee cord doesn’t cut it! Replace that rusted out battery tray with a new one. Go on, spoil your ride!

Dead Battery Prevention Tools

For those moments when your battery is dead, you will be overjoyed to have a couple of tools on hand. Portable jump starters are your best friend when she won’t turn over. Keep one in your to go kit. It’s doesn’t do you a bit of good sitting on your workbench when you are in Hillview, South Dakota. Beautiful place but a population of 3. Also, don’t discount the trusty jumper cable which is great to have if you can get a jump! For goodness sake buy a quality pair.

And of course, keep your AAA roadside assistance card up to date. You might need it.

Your battery and all its associated components can make the difference between enjoying the ride or not even making it out of the garage. After all, you can’t get that trophy if you can’t make it to the show!

Have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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