This Nova was originally featured on our website and newsletter in June of 2015.

This car was purchased from Junior (Chevy 2 Only) in 1989.The Nova was mostly apart back then; the transmission was in trunk, the engine unbolted in engine bay, etc.

It was a long drive back from Kentucky to Bama with a car on trailer… I only live 2 miles from the Florida state line… I put the car in the garage for about 2 weeks and then the task of finding parts began. Chevy 2 Only played a major role in interior parts (Headliner, Seat Covers Door Panels & Carpet 4 Core Radiator, SS Chrome Pieces, Hoses, etc.) It was not a frame-off restoration, but it was hung in a tree to clean the underside and apply a new undercoating.

After about 3 or 4 weeks the body work started & the glass was taken out and the interior was striped. The glass was in great shape and was all factory tinted. My brother-in-law did most of the body work and block sanding. The Nova had very few nicks & dings and was mostly spotted with primer. I understand that it sat in a garage in Kentucky for about 7or 8 years before I got it from Joe Jr.

My friends and I worked on the NOVA for about 2 years on and off when we wanted to and had the chance. Finally in 1991 I had the car painted the original color (EVENING ORCHID!) The ladies love this color!!! All the class glass and interior pieces were installed at this time.

We did this Nova for me to enjoy with no intention of showing it… That all changed when my car buff friends insisted that I bring it to some shows and cruise-ins. It has won numerous trophies and awards, but I only show it when I want to. I mostly enjoy cruising around on Sunday afternoon. My grand children, nieces & nephews, family, friends, and even my wife likes to come along for the ride.

I truly love this Nova… A special thanks to my wife (For Understanding) and to all of those that helped with the RESTO & thanks to Chevy 2 Only for their contribution to this project. It has been kept in the garage since I have owned it and has only been rained on once and that was at a show…

Not bad for an older gentleman (74) who loves to piddle around with his ride!

– Bobby Flournoy

Nova Info

  • Location: Slocomb, Alamba
  • Year: 1965
  • Years Owned: 25 (Bought in 1989 from Chevy 2 Only!)
  • Model: Nova SS
  • Paint: PP Code Evening Orchid
  • Wheels: 14in.
  • Engine: 283 Power Pack / 220 HP
  • Transmission: Power Glide / With Shift Kit
  • Rear End: Standard (Salisbury 10 Bolt)
  • Exhaust: Dual Flow 2in
  • Assembly Plant: Norwood, OH

Nova Photos

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