GM Classics offers reproduction, NOS, and used parts for the Chevrolet Nova and more. Our tech support lines are always busy with customers seeking advice on their restorations or modifications. Now, we are making some of the information we have collected over the years on the Chevy II/Nova available to the public. Over the next year we will be releasing Chevy II/Nova reference documents in the form of model-year specific “spotter’s guides” to provide better documentation on the unique aspects of the classics we love.

1962 Chevy II Original Factory Options

Option Units Produced
Body Glass – Tinted
Windshield – Tinted
Power Window – Tailgate
Air Conditioning
Positraction Rear Axle
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Push Button Radio (Including Manual)
Whitewall Tires

1962 Chevy II Models

The 1962 Chevy II was the first generation (1962-1965) of Chevrolet’s Chevy II/Nova lineup. The 1962 Chevy II was produced in 2-Door, 4-Door, Convertible, and Station Wagon configurations. Three trim levels were available on the year-model with the 100 series designed as a low-priced budget ride. Production for the 1962 ended on Sept 27, 1962.

More overview information can be found from the Auto Editors at the Consumer’s Guide. The following information and photographs that we have compiled over the years is a bit harder to find.

1962 Chevy II Nova Models

2-Door Models

1962 Chevy II 2 Door Sedan 100

The 100 was the base model for the first year of the Chevy II with an optional 4-cylinder or inline-6.

Noteworthy Aspects:

  • All 1962 Chevy II models had four-lug wheels. Check out our tech article on upgrading your Chevy II to 5 lugs.
  • Lack of body side molding and rear cove molding is a tell-tell sign you have a 100.
  • The 100 came standard without 2-speed wiper motors or windshield washer options.

1962 Chevy II 2 Door Sedan 300

  • The 300 received the 400’s body side molding without the scallops and flaring front fender extension.

1962 Chevy II 2 Door Sedan 400

  • This model featured the same trim as the 2-Door Hard-Top 400 with the exception of the drop down molding starting in the middle of the door running to the taillight.

1962 Chevy II 2-Door Hard-Top 400

The 400 was considered the deluxe model and featured a higher trim level. These trim pieces are difficult to find and are currently not being reproduced.

  • All 1962 Hard-Tops came with the 400 level trim.
  • 62 Specific scallops (tough to find!) that fit into the intentions on the front fenders.
  • 62 Specific 2-piece body side molding for the fenders which flares into the edge of the headlight bezel.

4-Door Models

1962 Chevy II 4 Door Sedan 100

1962 Chevy II 4 Door Sedan 300

1962 Chevy II 4 Door Sedan 400

Convertible Models

1962 Chevy II Convertible 400

The Chevy II only came in a convertible model for 1962 and 1963. In 1962 the 400 level trim option was standard.

Station Wagon Models

1962 Chevy II Station Wagon 100, 300, 400

  • Only the 300 trim level came with the optional third, rear-facing, seat.
  • The other trim levels followed suit for the other models.

Unique 1962 Chevy II Parts

Being the first year of the Chevy II/Nova series, the 1962 featured many unique parts. We call these the “62-only” parts in house.

Other parts unique to the 1962 Chevy II include mostly latches and hings. You can submit a used parts request for these items. Here is the complete listing:

  • Hood Hinges
  • Hood Latch, behind the grill
  • Hood Pin Bracket
  • Door Latch/Catch on Quarter Panel
  • Door Latch Assembly on the Door
  • Dash Cluster Plastic Bezel
  • Small Trim Part at the top of A pillar
  • Turn Signal Bezels
  • Interior and Door Panel Design
  • Tie Rods
  • Drag Link
  • Pitman Arm for manual steering is the same as 63-67 PowerSteering
  • Front Fender Scallops

Other honorable mentions:

  • Painted Firewall
  • Unique Grill
  • Body Side Moldings

GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only has a large inventory of reproduction 1962 Nova parts. We are your Chevy Nova Experts. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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