I’ve been a Nova fan ever since I owned a 1963 convertible, almost 40 years ago. Since then, I’ve owned six more Novas and restored two of them. Most have been 1972 base models, but I’ve always been on the lookout for a deal on a super sport that hasn’t been hacked. So I do like my cars to look original. I first saw this original condition Nova SS over 20 years ago when it was still in primer.  It just so happens that a few years ago it came up for sale but since it was now restored, a different color and out-of-state, I didn’t recognize it at first.

After looking at the deep stack of documentation I realized it might be the same car… and it was! Knowing where it came from 20 years ago and by examining the documents, I was able to piece together its history. It helped that the car had its original bill of sale, installment contract, new vehicle inspection, protect-o-plate and much more. This is very rare!

It was in the same family for its first 12 years and was always well maintained. For most of the next 20 years it sat in a garage either awaiting restoration or going under restoration. During those two decades, the car was driven only 7,000 miles. Fortunately it was never cut up or made into a hot rod, so all the original parts were still on the car, which made it easier to restore. It now has 61,000 miles on the original drive train (350/350/308), which makes it a rare “numbers matching” car as well as a rare “K VIN” Super Sport. I recently drove it on a 200 mile round trip to Ohio and it ran great!

The car has been garaged and babied since the frame off restoration in 2004, and continues to look and run great. I’ve been privileged to put a wrench on it and keep in its present condition. It’s been just the right amount of work for an old Nova guy,


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