Building a Nova

I always wanted to build a car from the ground up. I decided on a 66 Nova. Why? My sister had a boyfriend in high school that bought a brand new 66 Nova and stuffed a 427 in it. It was Marina blue and the hottest car I had ever seen. So, after 40+ years and some nice cars in between, I found mine in Colorado and had it shipped to me. I drove it for a year and then tore it apart. Between work and life it took ten years to finish but it now is on the road and has 1500 miles on it. Still doing the de-bugging and have not even had it full throttle yet. But, it has exceeded my expectations and probably will get me in trouble when I finally do go full throttle!

Expectations for a Nova Project

All I can say about doing a project like this–do your budget and then triple it. This was a great experience and it’s fun to do it the way I wanted but I guess I’m too old to do another one. The good news is that the aftermarket has so many neat things that make it do-able for a non-professional to build a nice car compared to 25 years ago.
I told my kids to bury me in the car when I go.


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  • John Stutsman
    John Stutsman August 31, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Awesome that you got yours finished. I have been having work done again on my 73 Hatchback custom. Finishing touches wheels tires, signal lights and moonroof left to do.

  • Douglas
    Douglas September 3, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    Great job Mark. Beautiful car. I also built my 1964 Nova from the ground up and I agree with your budget assessment!! But to borrow someone else's slogan: Built, not bought. I'm 70 years old now and don't know if I could do another build, but I sure enjoy the one I did do.

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