Chevy Nova Not Meant For Storage Shed

This car was special ordered and delivered from Chicago, Illinois. In August of 2002 I purchased this Nova and picked it up from there. Prior to 1979 the original owner died leaving the Nova to his wife. She passed in 1979, leaving it to her sister who
already had a 1976 Chevrolet Impala. She parked the Nova in her garage with 30,661 miles on it, and used it as a storage shed.

The car sat for almost 25 years untouched. That is, except for the rats that decided they wanted to live behind the battery. The side marker light wiring was in the rat’s way; so they ate through the wires and moved them out of the way to build their nest.

The Chevy Nova Condition

This car is over 95 % original. The body had some dents on the right door, right & left quarter panels, and rear panel between the tail lights. Thanks to Douglas Auto Body, Brookfield, IL for removing the dents and repainting it the original color. (Green Mist Ird.). The inside of the fenders still have the original paint from the factory. The body still has the factory flaws on it.

Fun Chevy Nova History

While cleaning out the car we found racing forms from Sportsman’s & Arlington Park Race Track in the glove box, under the front seat and under the spare tire. I went back to the original owners and asked about the racing forms. They laughed and said, they would not admit to it but, the two sisters would collect money from the neighbors, go play the ponies then come back and pay everyone off if they had something coming. They must have had a good time. Disclaimer-they were not bookies.

Awards and Recognition

  • This car received $150.00 for being in the re-make of the Amityville Horror Show, 2004
  • Featured on Morotsports Unlimited TV Show, with Bill Wildt & Gearhead News Pub.
  • Featured on the Paul Brian WLS 890 AM News Talk Radio Show.
  • Recipient of the Gold Spinner Award Cheyv Vettefest 11/04, 11/05, 4/06 & 04/07
  • Recipient of 2 Gold Bow-Tie Awards for Modified Chevyvettefest 04/07 & 11/08
  • Featured in the Oct 2011 Collectable Automobile Magazine – (Centerfold)
  • Six time Gold Concourse Spinner recipient
  • Two time 2-Gold Bowtie from Chevyvettefest
  • Silver recipient Mussel Car & Corvette Nationals
  • Three time Super Chevy Show Best of Class
  • Best of Show and Cash Awards with over 200 1st , 2nd & 3rd & Outstanding Awards

Nova Info

Vehicle Details

230 Turbo-Thrift Stright In- Line

6 Cylinder 36.1hp

Color/Interior-Green Mist Ird. / Dark Green Interior &


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