In 1969 while serving in Vietnam, at the Base PX you could order a new car and have it delivered to a stateside dealer for you to pick up when you returned from overseas.

After reading a Hot Rod magazine article call “Thirteen Second Grocery Getter,” I ordered a 1970 Nova SS, 350 ci, 300 hp with a four speed and posi-traction. I paid about $2,800 for it.

Upon my return from service, it became my daily driver. I got married, had kids, and drove the Nova everyday including towing a small travel trailer with it on vacations.

Around 1990, I had the car reupholstered and painted. About this time I had a company car, so the Nova sat outside unused. In 1993 I sold it for $4,500. I suffered from sellers remorse since then – I’m sure many of your can relate!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Nova like mine with the same color and trim in a mall parking lot. My wife said, “would you ever want to by one again?” I gave a non committal answer.

Well, I began checking out this Nova and low and behold it was my old car down to a sticker in the rear window!

I left a note on the windshield hoping the owner would call me. A couple of weeks go by and after not hearing anything, I figured the owner would never call. But he did and it turns out he’s the guy I sold the car to in 1993. He invited me to take it for a little drive around the block. After our drive, I asked if he would consider selling it back to me. He agreed to do so only because I was the original owner. We agreed upon a price and I now have my car back with all the original paperwork!

It still has all the original equipment down to the distributor and the Quadra Jet Carburetor. The engine runs pretty well for 184,000 miles and has never been rebuilt! The same goes for the transmission. It’s got a little rust, but the 1990 paint job and upholstery have held up pretty well.

Many people wish they could get back their original car back and I am proof that it can happen!

Now, I will say that I have no intention of ever selling it again!

Dana Gassay’s 1970 Nova has all original matching numbers, down to the distributor, carburetor, transmission and rear end. 300 hp 350, 4 speed Muncie, posi-traction.

Nova Photos

Original Documentation

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  • Dana Van Eyck
    Dana Van Eyck May 9, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    That is so awesome to hear especially since I am a fellow Dana who ended up selling my 74 Nova Custom back in the early 90's like 91 or 92 so that I could pay for university classes. Sold it for a glorious $500 Canadian, yes our dollar was worth more then but still! I certainly have buy's remorse but I was never lucky enough to find my original Nova so in 2014 I bought a 74 Nova base model off a kid and it needs plenty of TLC which I am willing to give but I find it very hard finding many of the detail parts like side headliner trim in black, the chrome eyebrow trim that goes under the front headlight, even the rear package trays, etc. My hat goes off to you fellow Dana, enjoy.

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