The Chevy Nova at Day One

My 71 started out as a run-of-the-mill grocery getter here in Southern Maryland. When I found it, it was in very sad shape. The previous owner butchered the repair panels and the drivers side rear frame was 2 pieces of straight iron tacked to the floor pan!

But, it had what I was looking for, 2 door, V-8 power, and a non-working air conditioning. I tackled the body work first. Starting from the front, I replaced just about all the sheet metal due to previous damage or rust. Both front fenders and doors, cowl induction hood, both rear quarters, tail light panel and supports, rear panel, and replaced the top portion of the rear windshield all the way across and about 8 inches wide. (donor car from Desert Valley Auto Parts)

Getting The Nova Body Where It Needed To Be

Since the body is straight, it needed to be motivated. The 307 was retired along with the anemic transmission. Now resting in its place is a 1970ish 355 small block Chevy with some go-fast goodies. Scat crank and rods, forged pistons, 65cc aluminum heads, Edelbrock intake and EZ EFI 1.0 Fuel Injection. The Transmission is a 200-4R overdrive with 2200 stall convertor from CK Performance and backing up the rear is a beefier corporate 8.5 rear end out of a 1979 Camaro that was shortened to fit the Nova stance. The axles were replaced with TEN Factory axles and a posi-rear end with 3.73 gears.

The fuel system is all new to include the 1st production of the TANKs Inc. fuel tank for the 68-74 Novas. I contacted TANKs Inc. and made a deal with the design team and they sent me a fuel cell for a 69 Camaro, which was already in their line-up. So, I began to test fit that Camaro tank into my Nova and they were surprised it worked. After multiple trial and error fits, one of the 1st production tanks was sent to me to test fit. And it fits like it belongs there! Hats off to the Tanks Inc. team in getting this done to the rest of the 3rd Gen Novas.

The Sour Apple Green Chevy Nova Interior and Exterior Fix

The interior was no exception. PUI covers both the front and rear bench seats in the factory equipped black color along with a custom center console with Autometer 2 5/8″ white faced gauges. The dash was treated with the same white overlay along with an in-dash tachometer.

The paint color is from GMs 2007 line-up called Sour Apple Green and the 17″ rims are from BG series Old School Rims, 17X7 up front and 17X8 out back wrapped in Goodyear tires on all 4 corners.

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