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In this section you will find a rare listing of original Nova factory options, Nova tech articles written by Joe Grom Jr. for Super Chevy Magazine, and more. We’re currently working on a photo gallery full of Novas, nostalgic literature scans, and our new Nova Spotter’s Guide.

Nova Tech Talk

Nova V8 Conversion

The 1962-67 Nova V8 Conversion

Wow, you could’ve had a v-8!  Well, not if you bought a ’62-63 Nova new.  That’s because it wasn’t until the ’64 model that the General decided that his little Deuce should have some more power to go along with its performance potential.  So this time I am writing on installing a V-8.

Nova Archives

Yenko Trans-Am Deuce - 10

Yenko “Trans-Am Deuce” Nova?

Was the 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova built with SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Trans-Am racing in mind?  Did Don Yenko have a secondary motive for this particular combination?  These are certainly not the first things to cross your mind when you think about Yenko Deuce Novas.  But could it be?

Exploded Views of Chevy II / Nova Parts

Check out awesome exploded views of popular Nova parts. These documents have helped our customers restore or build their Chevy Nova doors for many years.